Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wall Street Journal Reports Collaboration between DaVita Clinical Research, Aethlon Medical and Stephen Fadem

Aethlon Medical announces definitive agreement with DaVita Clinical Research, selecting DaVita Medical Center as their study site and Stephen Fadem as their principal investigator.

Here are Steve Fadem's comments:

We will be studying the Aethlon Hemopurifier®, a novel therapeutic device that targets the rapid elimination of viruses like hepatitis C and the tumor-secreted exosomes that can suppress the immune system in cancer patients.

Exosomes are vesicles created by the cell that can fuse with the cell wall membrane leading to the release of waste products. These products can be used as biomarkers for disease. However, the cell seems to use them for sending signals between cells or for waste management. Since the excreted exosomes can transfer "cargo" of molecules that may suppress the immune system, they may allow pathogens and tumors to adapt and grow. They may enhance angiogenesis and metastasis. Efforts are underway to further study the role of exosomes in disease pathogenesis. Meanwhile, we are collaborating with Athleon and DaVita Clinical Research to find ways to remove viral particles and ultimately exosomes from the circulation.


The National Kidney Foundation presented Pump-a-licious at River Oaks Country Club, May 22, 2014. The show was hosted by Neiman Marcus. Drs. Stephen Fadem and Wadi Suki each received the Glass Slipper Award for their contributions to kidney care.

Thanks you, National Kidney Foundation, for selecting me as an honoree today. I could not think of a finer person to share this honor with than Dr. Suki, who has always served as my role model and inspiration.

In 1969, a first year medical student volunteered at the Children's Ward. There I met Floyd, a cute 4 year old. Bubbling over with joy to see us, he always raised his little arms to hug us. We cared for him sevral weeks before he dwindled and died. Floyd had kidney failure, but was not eligible for dialysis.

The moment of his death gave my career purpose - I vowed from then on that I would strive to help to kick out kidney disease. It has been a long journey - 45 years.

I have been most fortunate my wife, Joyce, has for the last 40 of these years, stuck by my side as a companion, the mother of our incredible children, my friend, my soul mate and my critic. Our life is rich and full of happiness, and to her and our family I express profound gratitude.

My career centers around Kidney Associates, DaVita, Baylor and volunteerism with organizations like NKF. It is all of you who deserve the credit, and to all of you that I owe a great deal. Thanks for contributing to what has been a fabulous career and life.

Receiving an honor for merit always challenges the recipient to continue living up to the distinction, and I pledge to always try to do so here.

Thank you again